Help with DataLad

The INF project is happy to assist with introducing DataLad to the individual projects' workflows, with the shared goal of unifying distributed data management within the SFB. If you want to discuss either general use cases or specific problems you encountered, feel free to use the following channels.

Virtual DataLad office hours

We are having a virtual office hour every Tuesday at 16:00. This is a great opportunity to discuss problems and solutions with the members of the Psychoinformatics Group at FZJ. To join:

  • Follow this link to the public matrix chat room and click continue.
  • The link to the zoom meeting will be in the channel description.
  • We use the matrix chat room to communicate any changes of plans if they happen, or to discuss topics in advance. Joining isn't necessary, but you're invited to pick one of the available methods (element is the semi-official client).

Directly by e-mail

Feel free reach out to Michał Szczepanik (INF postdoc, m.szczepanik at as the first contact point for SFB-related issues. Ad-hoc consultations can also be arranged.

GitHub Issues

For particular bugs, problems, and feature requests, opening a new issue in DataLad's GitHub Issue section is the best way of bringing it to the attention of DataLad developers. A lot of development is user-driven.


General user support and a growing knowledge base on DataLad-based solutions is provided on Neurostars under datalad tag (category). Neurostars is a question and answer forum of the broader neuroscience community.