The software DataLad is the key research data management solution adopted by the SFB. DataLad is a free and open source distributed data management system that keeps track of your data, creates structure, ensures reproducibility, supports collaboration, and integrates with widely used data infrastructure.

DataLad can be used for:

  • tracking changes to files big and small (version control for code and data)
  • file transfer for archival or multilateral exchange, in combination with various infrastructure
  • obtaining published datasets
  • unified access to files stored in different locations
  • provenance capture (exact records of data processing)
  • metadata extraction and aggregation into a catalog.

It is extensively documented in a dedicated DataLad Handbook that is targeting both novice and experienced users. The DataLad YouTube channel provides videos on conceptual overviews, detailed tutorials, and technical talks on the software. The materials from SFB1451 workshops are available online.

See the Help with DataLad page for ways to contact the INF project.